MCQ Practice Assignment (Vol. 4 - Optics and Modern Physics)

MCQ Practice Assignment (Vol. 4 - Optics and Modern Physics)
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Target Exam: JEE / NEET
Physics Galaxy MCQ Practice assignments are for online practice of MCQs of different levels which are extremely useful for practice of JEE & NEET aspirants. This is the Fourth Volume of the 5 Volume series which covers complete syllabus of class XI and XII for JEE and NEET preparation. These assignments consists of topic wise MCQs for rigorous practice along with solutions and ideal time alloted for each and every question. The MCQ assignments can be attempted multiple times to gain better understanding of the subject and to improve time efficiency of attempt.
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TOPICS in Volume-4
Geometrical Optics I - Reflection of Light
79 Questions

Geometrical Optics II - Refraction of Light
92 Questions

Geometrical Optics III - Thin Lenses
83 Questions

Dispersion of Light
67 Questions

Interference of Light
101 Questions

Diffraction of Light
50 Questions

Polarization of Light
37 Questions

24 Questions

Optical Instruments
78 Questions

Atomic Structure
78 Questions

Photo Electric Effect
90 Questions

Wave Particle Duality
31 Questions

66 Questions

57 Questions

Nuclear Physics
69 Questions

84 Questions

PN Junction & Diodes
64 Questions

Transistor and its Application
33 Questions

Logic Gates
27 Questions

Communication Systems
56 Questions

Modulation and Demodulation
26 Questions

Price-  Rs.79.00*
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