MCQ Practice Assignment (Vol. 1 - Mechanics)

MCQ Practice Assignment (Vol. 1 - Mechanics)
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Target Exam: JEE / NEET
Physics Galaxy MCQ Practice assignments are for online practice of MCQs of different levels which are extremely useful for practice of JEE & NEET aspirants. This is the First Volume of the 5 Volume series which covers complete syllabus of class XI and XII for JEE and NEET preparation. These assignments consists of topic wise MCQs for rigorous practice along with solutions and ideal time alloted for each and every question. The MCQ assignments can be attempted multiple times to gain better understanding of the subject and to improve time efficiency of attempt.
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TOPICS in Volume-1
Motion in One Dimension
213 Questions

Motion in Two Dimensions
177 Questions

Relative Motion
173 Questions

Newton's Laws of Motion
253 Questions

152 Questions

Work Energy Power
174 Questions

Circular Motion
158 Questions

System of Particles-I
101 Questions

System of Particles-II
176 Questions

Rigid Body Dynamics
242 Questions

Fluid Statics
76 Questions

Fluid Dynamics
45 Questions

Surface Tension
97 Questions

20 Questions

81 Questions

Gravitational Field
64 Questions

Satellite Motion
121 Questions

Price-  Rs.79.00*
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